Projects of our company

    “Most.Inform” company works hard to form positive image of Crimea as attractive travel destination. For this purpose, we run a series of projects:

    Our main project is Internet media website “Virtual tour all over Crimea” contains information about Crimea and its attractions and sights, depicting all this with extensive use of 360-degree panoramic photography.

    “All hotels of Crimea” offers information about hotels, B&Bs, sanatoriums and health farms located in all the cities and towns of the Crimean peninsula.

    “All tours over Crimea” offers information about services of travel agencies and guided tour bureaus working on travel market of Crimea.

    “Recreation and entertainment in Crimea” offers information about recreation and entertainment in Crimea: about festivals and holidays, about bars, restaurants, clubs etc.

    “Museums of Crimea” is a new project of our company designed to offer complete information about all museums and palace-park complexes of Crimea on pages of “Virtual tour all over Crimea”. “All museums of Crimea” uses 360-degree panoramic photography extensively.

    Series of CD-presentations “Virtual tour all over Crimea” is an annual issue of our CD-presentation designed specially for international travel exhibitions and shows. We also produce custom-designed CD-presentations for travel companies of Crimea.

    "Gold Flyer Map" is a project oriented at enhancing the quality of services offered to travelers and visitors of Crimea. Gold Flyer Map represents a comprehensive map and guide containing all needed information on sights and attractions, museums and recreation venues of a given city. The project was launched in 2010 in Sevastopol supported by Sevastopol Department of Culture and Tourism.